Daily Uniform

I never thought I would be someone who had a daily uniform.

It really happened by accident.

I was in the midst of the #minimalism movement. No, I was not painting my walls white and ditching all my furniture for a singular chair in every room.

I was just trying to live with less and I started with my closet.

I’ve really never been the type of girl to even try and keep up with fashion trends. And I never felt comfortable in anything that ran the possibility of being “stylish”.

I really wanted to embark on a wardrobe capsule but found it hard to even attempt to curate because I have a job that requires I wear a uniform. (Hello Project 333) So for five days of the week; 40-hours a week, I do not have to think about what I wear. Which ultimately means I dress for before and after work, aka errand running time.

I have always been a jeans and t-shirt girl. And when it’s chilly, a cardigan. So I started very slowly going through my closet.

It took a good year of shifting through my closet. Being honest about what really fit and what I actually wore. At the end of each season I would analyze what was hanging in my closet. I would realize I had pieces hanging that I never wore in a two-three month period.

Out those pieces went.

Two years later what I am left with is a variety of solid t-shirts; mostly gray or black with a random navy blue or burnt red thrown in there. And several pairs of distressed boyfriend jeans from Old Navy.

Outside of my work uniform – that is what I wear or some slight variation of it; my daily uniform.


In the winter I will accompany this look with a pair of Bearpaw boots. In the summer, black flip flops and for any time in between a pair of Converse sneakers.

This whole thing happened totally by accident and it has made one aspect of my life so much easier. I honestly do not have to think about what I am wearing.  And I am so comfortable. Both literally and figuratively.

On the rare occasion I shop for myself I just go with what I know and am comfortable with…. a gray or black top (unless I am feeling a little frisky and go with navy blue) and relaxed bottoms. There is no more guess work; trying to figure out how many times I’d actually wear whatever it is I was purchasing.

You really can not go wrong with a plain tee and jeans.

Mark Zuckerberg? Steve Jobs?



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