Sunday Feelings.

img_7711As I sit here it is currently 10am.

The way I see it is I have wasted most of my day.

On Sunday’s I like to get up and go to the gym – Cycle and HIIT workouts, yes please. Going to the gym on Sunday helps start and end my week. I am usually back after a two hour workout before anyone else in my house is even awake.

This Sunday, at 10AM I am still in my pajamas and just getting around to getting something into my system.

I had a plan. First thing first, coffee and reading today’s Daily Stoic. Then, move laundry because I am sure my son’s soccer uniform that he will need later today is in the last load in the washer. After, gym for said classes then library to pick up a book that has been holding and return an overdue book. Upon returning home I was going to vacuum and mop the floors – even clean the bathroom which I hate, before getting in the shower. By that time I anticipated it to be fairly close to the mid-day soccer game. After the soccer game I was contemplating going grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping. Especially on Sunday’s – as far as meats go, if you’re not there at opening you have no chance of getting any quality meat. And no, I try not to be the mom who is running all over God’s creation to go grocery shopping. I like to stick to one store.

But currently it is 10AM. I would have been almost done with the second class at the gym. Instead I am sitting in my pajamas, slightly panicking over how much time I spent in bed this morning. Because I know on the back end of this morning’s laziness will be me pissed off before bed because I did not get everything done; including getting some reading or podcast time in. My husband who is now fully rested after spending the weekend catching up on sleep will want to watch a movie or attempt to catch up on some of our shows which he still struggles to understand is hard for me at the end of the day.

I did wake up early. Without an alarm, I woke up at 6AM. I remember thinking WONDERFUL! I have plenty of time before the 830AM Cycle class. I am not sure what happened but next thing I knew it was 840. I remember thinking, if i get up right now I can make the HIIT class. But then my cellphone happened. And somehow I ended up picking up where I left off last night with the laptop search.

For the last year I have been using my husband’s “old” Chromebook for my laptop needs. But anyone who is not familiar with laptops know that a Chromebook is not really a laptop-laptop. It is a fancy web browser. Which is great for 99.99% of what I do. But whenever I think about getting back into making videos I am reminded that I can not use the Chromebook for that. We have an even older laptop computer that I was using for the few years I was into making book videos but it is pretty useless now. So every few months I get sucked into the rabbit hole of laptop searching. I would LOVE a MacBook but I can not justify spending that kind of money. And anything less than a MacBook is like well, for a couple hundred more bucks I know I will get something I like and will last me a long time. So inevitably I decide on nothing and just stick with my Chromebook telling myself I really don’t have the time to make and edit videos anyway.

By the time I have watched a few videos on laptops listed on Groupon and even more on people’s experience on purchasing a refurbished macbook from Groupon… it is now 10AM and I realize I really need to get up. I have pissed away my morning on Groupon/Amazon searches and YouTube videos… I need to get to the library at 11AM to at least attempt to get my schedule back on track.

And everyone thinks I am insane for getting up at 4AM…. I have not had this kind of morning/day in weeks.

It is now a few minutes shy of 1030.  I have completed my breakfast and my son is still sleeping. (Oh to be young again) I have just enough time for a quick shower and to get to the library on time so I can come home and clean. Instead of full on grocery shopping, I will probably just get what I need for dinner tonight. I’ll start my back to work week on hectic foot… I will immediately regret this decision by Tuesday.

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