Wish you were there…

This is what I heard the other day.

Not because of a fun experience that someone got the pleasure of partaking in and wished I was there to experience it, but because some asshole made a comment that would not have been said if I was there.

If you are white, you probably have no idea where this is going.

If you are anything other than white, you know this going to some racial comment that was made.

Deep breaths.

So you can get a fuzzy full picture (because I was not there myself), the royal wedding was this past weekend. And if you have been living under a rock, Meghan Markle… (or eyeroll, the Duchess of Sussex) is biracial… her mother is black, and her father is white. She is gorgeous and when they got engaged I instantly got excited for my own biracial daughter – she has a legit chance of becoming  a Princess one day. Yes, I said that.

Anyway, her mother attended the wedding, and looked beautiful. But, apparently, my coworker thought she should have flat ironed her hair for the wedding; opposed to keeping her dreads in like she did. Yes, said coworker is a white woman.


A quick Google search shows this woman wearing her hair in dreads most, if not all, of her adult life. Please explain to me WHY IN THE FUCK she would all of a sudden flat iron her hair. Black women and their hair is a legitimate thing. Please don’t go there – anyone. Ever.

To go back to the beginning, this would not have been said if I were sitting in that room. Which I know is true, but I wonder why this is the case. If you believe in what you’re going to say, and it is your truth, why would it matter if I was in that room or not. Yes, I might have lost my shit on you, but it’s your truth – stand by it. Don’t filter yourself to the company in the room.

There have been plenty of times when I have been witness to people saying their truths. (ie, that black people steal) Most of the time they don’t realize I am in the room and they kind of sulk away afterwards feeling like jerks. But at least I know where they are coming from. I know how they really feel and honestly, that is okay. I’d much rather know someone has some preconceived notions about me just because of the pigment of my skin. Then personally, I’d like to prove them wrong. Like, not all black people steal – it’s never crossed my mind actually, FYI.

Obviously some people are more prone to be pot stirrers and I think that is the only reason I was even told about this. But I see you coworker, I acknowledge your ridiculous statement. But dreads or not, she raised her daughter to be something special. Her daughter married the Prince of England.

That is what should be brought up and talked about. Not this woman’s fucking hair.

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