It’s Time to Have Real Conversations.

There was yet another school shooting this week.

Everyone has an opinion on it.

No one wants to have a conversation.I hate that I have to say this but every time there is a mass shooting the ultimate debate of gun control pops up. I hate that mass shootings happen on  a regular basis.

I personally do not think gun control is the answer even though a lot of the time these shooters are obtaining their guns quite legally. I believe it’s lack of adequate mental health services, personally. Regardless of what camp you’re in – no one can have a civilized conversation about it. I would love to have a civilized, intelligent, conversation with someone who believes gun control is the answer. I might learn something. They might be able to teach me something but that has yet to happen, ever. All that happens is that I get yelled at that gun control is the answer. But why? And the media does not help – despite their “outrage” they pay their light bills off America’s tragedies.

I’m an advocate of safe and legal gun ownership. I hate guns – they make my nervous. And I work for a police department.

I have seen the mental health system fail, over and over and over again.

At work, I have seen a doctor sign a commitment order for someone only for that person to be released later that day. I have personally called our local crisis center looking for a crisis team to response and they not respond. I have had mental health facility employees call me scared of their residents and not being able to care for them. Psychiatric facilities are a thing of the past and I’m not entirely sure why.

Our mental health system is extremely broken and I’m not entirely sure the answer is to penalize those who safely own and operate guns.

I am not sure what the answer is. I do not think there is just one answer. But conversations need to happen. I don’t like sending my kids off to school – or anywhere – thinking they may not come back.

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