My husband broke his ankle

…And I am taking it in stride.

At least that is what at least one of my “Facebook friends” believes.

The short version, because I am tired of telling it, is that last Friday night when my husband came home from work he fell on the ice in our driveway and broke his ankle. It involved all you would think – a frantic call from him since it was midnight and I was sleeping; a 911 call for an ambulance because he could not even sit up let alone get into my car. A call and trip to my parent’s house so we did not have to drag the kids to the hospital. A trip to the ER which turned into a six hour wait, two orders of x-rays, temporary brace and a prescription for oxycodone. Not hydrocodone spell check, OXYCODONE.

The weekend was sleepless, for me. I got maybe two hours of sleep Saturday morning after getting my husband home and into bed before having to pick up the kids from my parent’s house and take my son to soccer practice because… life continues on. Then I had to pick up said prescription, pick up said son from practice then go to my parent’s house for a pre-planned birthday lunch for my father. I was sleeping for MAYBE an hour tops when I got that call at midnight.

Sunday was the Super Bowl. Thankfully we did not have anything planned but I could not tell you what I did on Sunday.

I took Monday off to make sure my husband had everything he needed; go grocery shopping; generally get the house back in some short of order. Monday is when everything bubbled over and I just lost my shit…

I took this photo on Monday afternoon… Eventually posting it on Facebook.IMG_6237.jpg

And that is when said “Facebook friend” said they were happy to see us both taking this whole situation in stride. Immediately I motherfucked the internet and everyone on it. Again I rolled my eyes because people only make assumptions on that one moment in time.

That one moment in time when we were all smiling.

Not knowing that just a few hours before this photo was taken I had lost it. I had a meltdown over the whole situation. I had a meltdown over how everything was in the past and how I feel like I’m just getting my face shoved in shit because I have yet ANOTHER THING to do… schedule.. maintain… take care of… worry about when I already felt like I was doing too much.

My eyes were burning from all the crying I did that afternoon. My eyes were puffy and burned for days afterwards. I guess that is what it means to not be effected by something.

Thankfully my father-in-law is able to stay with us and help me out with the kids and around the house. Thankfully my husband has sick time and has enough of it so we don’t have to worry about the bills for the next few months while he is out of work. I did not post about any of this with that picture. Just thanking everyone for their concern and letting them know The Hubs doing as well as one can be. But since I did not post about the stressful side of this that we must not be effected by it.

God I hate Facebook.

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