Reason 1345 I am not a people person

I joined a new gym two weeks ago. I’m already boycotting one particular instructor.

It all started with a spin class.

Two years ago a coworker of me introduced me to a spin class at her gym. I loved it. I told myself I’d pay the extra money to be able to take this spin class (since the gym I was a member of at the time also owned this gym; I’d only have to pay an extra $10/mo to be able to use that gym) until the instructor made a snide comment about people and their steps. How those steps for those fitbits did not matter.

I was done there. Side note, the way I saw it was if having a fitbit and hitting that 10,000 step threshold got you moving… go ‘head with your bad self. That is your motivation to get you moving and THAT’S A GOOD THING!

So ever since then I’ve been wanting to find a place to take spin classes. But since we do not live a major metropolitan area SoulCycle or any variation was not an option. So I basically gave up on spin class.

Then earlier this month someone I went to school with, who still lives in my area, posted on their Instragram about taking a cycle class. When I googled the place I was THRILLED! It was around the corner from where I work. Which is only 15 minutes away. GREAT! Until I went to book a class and found that ALL. THE. CLASSES.WERE. BOOKED. Weeks out.


At some point in all this I posted on Facebook about my excitement for finding a spin class and my mother, of all people, tells me her gym – which she has been going to since I was a kid – has spin classes. So I hop over to the gym’s website, check out their class schedule – sweet, they have spin classes (in addition to other classes) that will work with my work schedule. It was going to cost more than the gym I was already a member of, but I’d have classes and it would be cheaper overall then paying for individual classes at a studio where it would be next to impossible to get a bike.

After work I headed down to the gym, signed up. Good to go despite them not showing me around the gym but I’m a big girl, I can figure it out and I am not afraid to ask questions.

I make it to a few spin classes. No issues. Then yesterday…..

I do not like bringing my phone with me when I work out because I see it as an hour to myself. But when my husband is not available, and the kids are home alone, I bring my phone with me to class in case of an emergency.

Anyway, my phone rings, it’s my sister. I disregard it with a message saying At the Gym, Call you later. All good. Then a message comes through on my watch from my sister, all I see quickly is that she said something about my mother going to the walk-in clinic. I think pick up my phone and reply to her. As I finish replying the instructor gets on her little microphone and says:


I’m not entire sure who this instructor thinks she is. And why it did not bother her during the previous class when TWO COLLEGE GIRLS spent a good portion of the class on their phones. I don’t personally understand why people would bring their phones to class to actually use, but to each his/her own. Like this particular instructor likes to repeat, this is your class. 

Yes, this is my class. I understand, I get out of it what I put in to it. So if I decide to pedal at low intensity while tweeting that’s my business. I am a local resident. I will be around much longer than the college students this instructor catered to. The class was not full. I would understand if every bike was taken and people were turned away because the class was full and I was here wasting a bike…. But that was not the case.

And I certainly did not like being called out like that in front of the whole class.

I was so angry I almost hoped off the bike and left the class. But I didn’t. I am sure the instructor expected me to to do that. But I didn’t. I waited until it was time to dismount and stretch and left. I thought about seeing her after class but realized I did not need to explain to her why I have my phone in class. It’s none of her business that I am a working mother who is just trying to get her workouts in which means I have to have my phone on me. And also, she has no IDEA who I am. Not like I’m somebody. But the point is she has no idea who I am or what I could have been messaging about. It’s not like I took an actual phone call because yes, that is incredibly rude.

But I’m not a bubbly college student who’s part time gym membership is being paid for by mommy and daddy. I am the local resident who in six months when all those college students are gone will still be in those classes. Except I won’t be in her classes. Luckily the classes she teaches conflict with my work schedule so I won’t have to really see her.

People like that, and the instructor I mentioned earlier, are why people who are just trying to stay active stop.

I could get all upset with the gym and complain. When in reality it’s easier to just not take her classes. I was not a huge fan of her from day one, but again, I was just trying to get my workout in and that class worked.

Very long winded story short, don’t be a shitty person. Don’t make assumptions about people. And if you’re teaching something and you don’t want cellphones being used let that be known. I probably won’t attend whatever you’re teaching. I am in fact a working mother who needs her phone on her when she takes a cycle class at 5pm after work and will occasionally answer a text when one comes across about her mother going to the walk-in emergency clinic.

As I get older, and because of my job, I have such a hard time dealing with people… it’s just too hard. They’re too one sided.

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