People need to do more than wear black or end a Twiter post with #METOO.

If you have been living under a rock, the #WHYWEARBLACK “movement” is to show solidarity against sexual harassment.

The eye roll was hard against this one. Does anyone even know how long the #METOO movement has been going on? A lot longer than the month or two the celebrities decided to jump on board and make it a cause.

Publicly, I have been keeping my mouth shut regarding all these celebrities that have come out in the last few months about how they have been sexually harassed/assaulted by various big wigs in Hollywood.  At first, I felt bad for some of these women, then more and more stories came out from very high profile actresses… then the stories started coming out that these were known behaviors that were occurring by  the various men in charge. I stopped feeling bad for these women.

To the masses I am sure I sound like an asshole. I, as a woman, do not feel bad for these other women that were sexually harassed/assaulted. Which is only half of what I am trying to say. Under no circumstances do I condone such behavior, at any time. But the harassment was so bad no one said a word for 30 years. No one changed their career path because the harassment was so bad.

Time after time these women posed with their abusers; smiled on the red carpet with them.

Only now that they are millionaires, or billionaires, now we want to make a movement against such injustices. We should wear black to show we do not stand for this kind of bullshit. Which is all well and good, I guess, but what about the woman that is working in an office somewhere in middle America who has to deal with the same kind of injustices. She does not have millions of dollars to fight such a battle; to get her boss fired. She is a single mother with kids at home – she can not just up and quit. What the fuck does wearing black do for her??

The whole thing is a joke, on the surface.

All these celebrities need to take a step back and realize they are in a unique position that their fans and followers are not in.

Protesting in silence against sexual abusers is not needed. TEACHING…. EDUCATING… is what is needed. Teaching boys and men, as well as women, what is right and what is wrong is what is needed. Show women to stand up against behavior that is unwarranted.

I am a woman that works in a male dominated profession/office. So I know how men can be, if you let them. There is a lot of conversation that goes on between my male and female coworkers – a lot of which I think could be considered inappropriate for anywhere, let alone in the office. But, I do not participate in those conversations, so I am generally not included in those conversations. And I am perfectly okay with that.

I have a son, who I am trying to teach that unless you would say it someone’s face, do not say it behind their back. And if you would not say it to your mother or your sister’s presence then you probably shouldn’t be saying it. I also have a daughter who is learning that just because a boy is a boy does not make him any better than you. I am teaching her to stand on her own two feet and to stand up for herself; to not see herself as less than.

The table has turned so much with this whole thing that I even started feeling bad for MEN. Not these assholes you pray on women, but the real good guys. The good guys have no idea what is acceptable or not anymore. The big boss at work was afraid to comment on a female employee’s recent haircut because of all this shit going on. The big boss has known this female for YEARS.. and he was afraid to say he liked her recent haircut; would it be considered inappropriate?

For years I laughed at my dad, who is a professor at a local college, because he said he would never meet with a female student with a closed door. Now I see why.

It is so easy for a woman to make a statement and it be made fact. It is a fine line.

I do not know what the answer to this complex problem is but I know that it has nothing to do with a hashtag or fashion statement. I do not think there is a single woman out there that at one point in her life did not feel sexually harassed and if I chose to not wear black does that mean I condone someone being sexually harassed/abused. Absolutely not. I’ll let my actions speak for me instead of a trending topic.

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