I knew I jinxed myself

One of my first posts on this blog is about my ten year old car and how much I loved it despite its weird noises. I knew as soon as I hit publish that I was not going to have the car year later. But I did not expect a month later that I would be saying….

We bought a new car.

Like a new-new car. Not a used car like I always thought my next car would be if it was relatively soon.

It all started last week. Actually it started probably a month ago, but it came to a head last weekend.

I was telling my husband that the car was making A LOT of noise. Like a constant hum. I thought it was the tires as they had not been rotated in MONTHS. So I took the car for a needed oil change and tire rotation. Nope, noise actually seemed to have got louder. My husband was convinced it was the tires. I was not. But my husband was the car guy, I am not. After taking the car out with his sister one afternoon he thought it was maybe the differential (just google that shit) and that I should take it to the shop and have them look at it. (A few years ago a mechanic friend of his looked at the car and said something about the differential but when I asked the shop to put oil in it they should they wouldn’t recommend it. ) The hubs said that if it was  the differential that at that point we would just trade the car in. To replace the differential is about as much as the car is worth and basically it’s not worth it. Okay, fine. So I made an appointment while at my son’s soccer game, 45-minutes away, for the next day. On the drive home, and that night while giving the dog a bath I realized I just did not want to put anymore money into the car. Over the last year I’ve done this, that and the other thing to the car. And over the last year I’ve slowly decided I was not going to fix anything until it actually 100% broke. **

That night I sent the Hubs an ad for a used SUV. I did not think a payment on a brand new car/SUV was in the budget for us. And I NEED to get to work in the winter, there is no other option so an AWD was mandatory. But, it looks like we could swing it…

IMG_4316.jpgI’d like to introduce you to our 2017 Chevy Trax. And I have named her Maleficent.

It’s a smaller version of what I had, a Chevy Equinox, and I absolutely love it! Plus it’s all black everything.

I’m not a bragger, by nature. I don’t generally like to gush about things. I kind of feel like a jerk about it usually so I figured since I’m basically just talking to myself right now – why not.

I love it, I love it, I love it!

It has everything I wanted. I only really wanted bluetooth and push-to-start, check and check. But it also comes equipped with remote start and has Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto capability. And Apple’s Carplay is pretty legit. I hated it in the Ford we rented last year, but on this thing it is on point. It is also equipped with OnStar which is nothing exciting, I actually hate it from the law enforcement side because it’s useless. But because it is equipped from OnStar I can lock, unlock and start the freaking thing from my phone. IMG_4319.jpg

Gushing aside now we have to try and sell the Equinox because the dealership wanted to give us peanuts for it. Even though they said it was in really good condition and the only thing they mentioned they would have to do is replace the headlights. So we brought the Equinox home and the Hubs has been prepping it for sale. He’s been doing a great job, he’s been trying to fix all the things that I have been “complaining” about. So that is a little frustrating because it was no rush to fix these things when I mentioned them….  I know it is so we can maximize what we get for it, but still.

So here’s to another few years of car payments. Despite my husband’s comments about me and the car I know I will be happy with it for the next ten years. (I think he thinks he’s being funny) He acts like I just had to have a new car, just because, but I was just done putting money into the car. Not including the $1000 worth of tires it would probably need next year anyway. My car is the family car. We take it everywhere so looking at the big picture I think it’s good move. I was not seeking anything fancy, or that would cost a fortunate. I think I was sensible about the whole thing. I just don’t think it’s overly fair to say something can’t be done now because mommy just had to have a new car. 

I wouldn’t say that cars are an investment for me. But I know that I any car I have I plan on having for the long haul. So you’ll be seeing Maleficent and I for at least the next 125,000 miles.


** The Hub’s put the Equinox on ramps and poked his head under the car. The differential is leaking oil. He thinks it’s a seal, which is one thing. The other is how much damage has been done to the differential due to the low or non-existent oil. So it could be a couple hundred dollar fix, or over a $1000 fix. I don’t feel completely crazy, like he made me seem.

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