Once upon a time I used to hear that world and think super heroes. Fire fighters, police officers; the military.

While I still think of those that fall into any of those categories these days I often think of those of us that have no idea what we’re doing. I think of how hard it is for some people to just get up and go to work. How hard it is to get up and get the kids where they need to be. Those who are just living. I think of myself who has no idea what they’re doing half the time; who’s had every plan fall through and yet every morning my feet still hit the floor ready to face the new day.

It’s really hard to appear to be a  “normal” person. It’s really hard to go through life knowing that the unknown is next.

So outside of the typical hero I applaud the unsung heroes. Those who are doing their very best just to get through each day. Those that are unafraid to be themselves. Those who do good deeds for others without feeling the need to tell everyone. The mothers and fathers who are raising the next generation of adults.

You. You are BRAVE, whether you realize it or not.

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