Las Vegas Attack, part dos.  

Par for the course, 24-hours later it’s all gun control talk. And if it’s not gun control legislation it’s how it’s “too soon” after a tragedy to push an agenda.

Honestly, I almost have no opinion on the topic.

Personally, I do not like guns. They make me nervous and I do not understand why anyone would want them. And even though I have worked in a police department for over ten years, I still get nervous around them. But, I support those who carry them. It’s their prerogative.

Is there any reason for individuals to have military grade weaponry like semi automatic weapons, absolutely not. But I know plenty of people have them for whatever reason. And mind you it’s been illegal to have such guns for as long as I’ve been alive. So a lot of good that law has done.

Personally, I do not think gun control has anything to do with the problem this country has been having with mass shootings. This case in particular, the gunman purchased all his guns LEGALLY. So what’s the next step? To ban guns completely? See aforementioned paragraph where semi automatic weapons have been illegal since the 1980s. Will banning guns completely fix anything?


People who want the guns will get the guns. Especially the bad people who want the guns, they will always get the guns.

Gun control is a quick fix to a problem that cannot be fixed. As a society we will never know why these people shoot up crowds of innocent people. We need someone or something to blame. To make sense of these situations and gun control is the scape goat.

Gun control does not, and will not, stop the hate and evil in the world.

Do video games have something to do with it? Maybe. Does someone’s unable mental health play a role? Most likely. Is it the violent movies and television shows? Good chance.

And this guy, he doesn’t “fit the mold”. Now what? Assumptions. That’s what will happen. People will make up their own truths about what this man was thinking.

As a society we continue to point fingers at everyone and everything other than ourselves. It’s us. We’re doing this to ourselves. We have 24-hour news outlet, the internet, social media. Shit like this consumes us as a country. We can’t turn it off. We hashtag and send prayers but we never turn it off, until the next catastrophe. And the cycle starts all over again, with a nation stunned.

If we’re going to ban the things that have the potential to hurt us I want to see legislation on pressure cookers, knives and 24-hour news outlets.

  1. Semi automatic weapons are not illegal nor have been. Semi automatic – 1 bullet per trigger pull.

    Automatic (fully automatic) are banned. Automatic – pull the trigger & gun shoots bullets continuously.

    That aside I agree with everything. As much as I love social media for being able to keep in touch, recipes, pictures and book recommendations Im sick of the platform it’s become. I’m tired of the constant division, finger pointing, hatred and keyboard warriors. The nonstop judgement and hatred that spews from these people.

    I’m beyond ready to hide from the world some days, but our kids will inherit and I’m worried for what they face. I want them prepared but not biased towards scenarios because it’s how I view them or how a fb group tells you to think.

    And total random, I didn’t know you had this site, ♡♡♡♡ it.

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    1. See. Clearly I’m not a gun person. Thanks for the clarification.

      In the grand scheme of things, automatic, semi automatic it doesn’t really matter. People are going to do what they want whether it’s legal or not.


    2. Absolutely. The gun being legal to own or legally owned is irrelevant in the end.

      Fertilizer, koolaid, gas, gun, plane, bus… It’s not the instrument used to cause the devastation, it’s the destruction and the intent. It’s a sick society.

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