Las Vegas Attack

IMG_3986.jpgAs if I need to say it, obviously my thoughts are with those affected by the attack in Las Vegas that occurred over night. Including the family of the shooter. And especially to the first responders who run towards the danger not knowing what they’ll meet when they get there.

But I know that thoughts and prayers are not enough.

Against my better judgement, I have spent the day watching the coverage of this awful event. And it is so hard to wrap my head around. This retired man, armed with an arsenal of weapons, knowingly and willingly shot at incident concert goers. And then like a little bitch, took his own life.

While I honestly believe we will never know why this man did this it has reminded me about the truly important things in life.

I have spent the last week unable to sleep and silently obsessing over the layoffs at my husband’s job. I know there will be nothing we can do about it should he and his coworkers be next. But the unknown of something like that truly frightens me. Then this morning I turn on the news and hear about an attack on concert goers in Las Vegas; with the shooter believed to be in a nearby hotel room.

And that instantly scared me more.

Some heartless person pointing a gun out a window and just spraying bullets willy-nilly.

I was reminded of the reality of the world I am raising my children in. It can always be worse. While a job loss can be devastating, losing a child or loved one can be significantly worse. You can always get another job. But nothing can replace a child or loved one. Especially ones lost the way lives were lost late last night.

I was just at a concert on Friday night in NYC. Something just as similar could have happened. I could have never seen my kids, my husband, my family, again. Never could I imagine either of my kids going to a concert as young adults and not coming home.

I don’t know what the answer to these kinds of acts of violence are. I don’t think it has anything to do with gun control (especially considering automatic weapons have been banned since 1986). And I’m not sure this particular case has much to do with mental health (as people that know the shooter are truly surprised by his behavior). As I stated earlier I don’t think we’ll ever know why this man did this. But I do know that this is a reminder that you never know what can happen. Whether good, or bad.

It’s a reminder that while we never think something like this can happen, it sure as hell can! Life can always be worse. Really awful, senseless things can happen. And do happen, every day. The media only covers a small fraction of these incidents.

I hate that tragedy like this brings reflection in my own life. Even if it is much needed reflection.


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