Being More Present

This year I have been trying to be “more present” in life.

Some times have been easier than others, but it’s something I am trying very hard to do.

And by being more present I mean enjoying the experiences I am having instead of trying to capture them to share on social media. In. That. Moment.

IMG_3879The other night I was fortunate enough to get to see one of my favorite musicians with a friend of mine. (It was Ed Sheeran by the way, at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. AMAZING show that went by way too quickly). This friend of mine is very different from me. And is very much into capturing her life’s moments in order to share on social media.

At one point I noticed that a group of women next to us got to meet Ed Sheeran, due to being able to see a photo of them with him on their phones. And my friend’s exact words were “I need that for Instagram”.

I need that for Instagram. 

I need that for Instagram. 

I swear those words echoed in my head.

Personally, I would have liked to meet him because of who he is. Because of his music. Because I am a fan. The powers that be could have told me, you could only meet him if you turn over your phone. HERE, take my phone!  Would it have been cool to post a photo with him, of course. But I feel no need to shove it in my social media timeline that I got to meet him and you didn’t. (By the way, no, we did not get to meet him)

Needless to say I just smiled and nodded at my friend because that’s what I do when I do not understand someone or something.

Fast forward about an hour and we are in our (amazing) seats. And the opening act (James Blunt) is on. When I notice a group of IMG_3872teenage girls humming around taking of pictures for all the various social media platforms, including and not limited to Snapchat. And not just one picture, or two pictures, or even five pictures. Snap after snap after snap after snap.

Like holy shit, how many duck faced pictures do you need?

I enjoy James Blunt. I know he is an acquired taste and probably these young ladies had no idea who is was. His most popular song, “You’re Beautiful” is only a few years older than these girls were. Anyway, they were just snapping away while some of the older concert goers around me were trying to actually enjoy the show on stage.

It was in the moment that I really realized how much of these young women’s lives they are missing by snapping away for Instagram or Snapchat.

It was in the moments where my friend was busy trying to get her photos onto both Instagram and Facebook simultaneously; while refreshing her Facebook page, checking for comments and likes, that I realized how not present someone can be.

Do not get me wrong. I am all about taking pictures and videos. Keeping the memories alive. Evening sharing them. But I am learning that you do not have to share your life as it is happening in real time. And I am learning this lesson from others being hypnotized by the double taps and likes, in real time.

It really is amazing how much life you notice when you’re not busy trying to share yours.

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