My car is 10 years old, I didn’t notice.

She doesn’t shine like she used to and her headlights are worn from ten years of sun exposure (since we do not have a garage). She does not have navigation or bluetooth; let alone CarPlay. To start her I actually have to put a key in the ignition.

2007 Chevy Equinox

I absolutely love my car.

I can remote start her, which was the only feature I really wanted when we purchased the car anyway. There’s keyless entry! What’s it like to put a key in a car door?

I never worry about getting stuck in the snow. It has pretty effortlessly got me to work in ten years worth of snow storms. The speedometer is starting to go, but I only really go around town these days. If I have my music low and the windows down I can hear squeaking sometimes, so I mostly just keep the music up.

I have never (really) worried about getting stuck on the side of the road. Mostly because I know any problem she has my husband can fix.  And he has fixed 95% of any issues and has done most of the general maintenance. (Thanks Hubs)

Our daughter was brought home in that car. The dog has bled all over the car. The car has been from Ohio to Florida and almost everywhere in between with almost no cosmetic flaws. It will hopefully be our son’s first car.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to get a new car, just to get one. Because, treat yo self, right? But what I love most about my car is that she has no payment. I will never understand the appeal of constantly having a car payment. Other than to say, look at me; I got a new car. 

Cars are the very worst purchases, forget investments. And mostly a waste of a lot of money.

Each of my parents have had three vehicles in my lifetime. While some people I know have had three newer vehicles in ten years. I grew up thinking you drove a vehicle “until the wheels fell off”. That’s still my thought process. But I now see how the other half lives.

Sometimes I think people judge me for driving around an older car, that probably squeaks when I pull into a parking lot. And sometimes I am embarrassed by that. But most times I could care less because I know I can see the bigger picture which has nothing to do with what kind of car I’m driving.

With that being said, I will continue to drive my car around with the music turned up, and pride, until I am forced to purchase a new car. And when that day comes I’ll probably go kicking and screaming to the dealership.

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