The Circle | Movie Review

share The Circle is a film, based on a book, about a young woman who lands a job at the world’s top tech and social media company.

Everyone wants to work at The Circle. Everyone is apart of The Circle.

The lead character quickly climbs the ladder of success only to find along that way that it is maybe not all that she thought it would be.

As cheesey as the synopsis sounds, I found it to be a REALLY good movie!

I of course wanted to read the book first for a .99 rental, I’ll forgo the book.

The story is about Mae. A young woman who is working a dead end job in a collections agency. It’s so dead end, it’s a temporary gig. Until one day she gets a call from a friend saying she has landed an interview at The Circle.

The funny part is Mae is pretty “off the grid” before landing a job at The Circle. She just knows that’s the place to work. It will help both her and her family out financially, and medically, as her father is suffering from a debilitating disease.

I’m not entirely sure what her job is with the company at first, it almost seems like online customer service. (Think online chat with Apple) She learns that in order to keep her job and to be considered performing well she has to have a near perfect customer service rating. Clue #1 shit is not right.

After a few weeks some of her co-workers approach her about not “being social” on her weekend. Saying she was not at any of the events. Mae is confused wondering if she was supposed to be at work and she is quickly told “no silly”, people on campus just want to get to know you. (Yeah right) Mae tells her co-workers that she went kayaking and the one co-worker, all upset, said he didn’t know she liked kayaking, he liked kayaking. They could have kayaked together. Mae is taken aback like, just because you like to kayak and I like to kayak doesn’t mean she need to be kayaking together; I don’t know you bro. (Maybe that’s just my thought process, but I’m going to go with that)

After that encounter Mae starts spending a lot more time “on campus”. She starts posting more of herself and spending more and more time on campus. Sharing. Increasing her ratings and likability. Clue #2 shit is about to go down.

The Circle believes in perfection and that we can only be our best selves through transparency. Mae learns what being transparent actually means.

This film in placed in the drama genre, with a sub-genre of thriller. I consider this film an all out thriller. This shit was scary. I can definitely see the similarities between this movie and “real life”

I love the internet. I really do. I’ve been online since dial-up and AOL. But I have a hate-hate situation with social media. Nothing good comes of it. I personally feel like social media is just a place where you can show off your very best selves. You never see someone’s bad days online (unless it’s really bad). It’s all about the likes and attention factor, whether for the positive or the negative. The film amplified those feelings, for me. It definitely is keeping me one foot in and one foot out of social media.

Whether you love social media, or don’t, I think you will find this movie interesting and be able to take something away from it.

I was left asking a lot of questions at the end so I’ll probably still pick up the book, eventually.

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